Recurring House Cleaning Services

Maid Service


Unfortunately for most people, the housecleaning either doesn’t get done at all (priorities!) or replaces the time otherwise designated for our family and friends. Why? Many people, women in particular, feel that they should be able to do it all.

Well we are here to say NO MORE! It is okay to seek balance in our lives and hire out the tasks that drain our most precious resource – our time. We offer guilt-free, affordable house cleaning services without the hassle.

Our professional and experienced residential house cleaning staff does the job right the first time, giving you confidence that your home will always look their best.

We are so confident in our house cleaning that we offer all of our clients our 200% Hassle Free Guarantee!  

We offer two main home cleaning packages for our recurring house cleaning clients, Deluxe House Cleaning or Core House Cleaning.

Deluxe House Cleaning Package

The Deluxe House Cleaning Package is our maintenance package to protect your top -to- bottom package investment, and keep your house as clean as the day we completed it:

Core House Cleaning Package

This maintenance house cleaning plan is a popular option to the Deluxe house cleaning because it focuses on the CORE and often hardest rooms/areas to clean.  This package is at a 20% discount from the Deluxe house cleaning Package

The areas included in the Core house Cleaning are:

  • Kitchen
  • All bathrooms
  • One additional room (often the Family room or Master bedroom)
  • Vacuum and mop all floors through the home including the stairs

The maids clean these rooms and areas in the same way as the Deluxe Cleaning, so you get the same high-quality cleaning you expect with the Deluxe House Clean but at a deeply discounted price.

This home cleaning plan is a perfect match for customers who don’t mind cleaning some of the easier areas of the home that are not including in this  house cleaning package.

We find that most of our clients select one of these two packages, however, if this isn’t what your looking for, we can customize a package to fit your needs. 

All of our recurring house cleanings start with a Top to Bottom house Cleaning.  Our Top to Bottom House Cleaning includes the following items below and the items in the table listed below

  • Ceiling fan blades cleaned
  • Light fixtures dusted (in place)
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Blinds and shutters vacuumed
  • Molding, woodwork, window sills and lock ledges cleaned
  • Baseboards cleaned, within reach
  • All cabinet fronts cleaned
  • Light switch plates
  • Counter tops and back splashes cleaned
  • Dusting from Top to Bottom
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Stairs vacuumed


All Rooms

Dust from top to bottom

Vacuum all floors

Vacuum stairs

Hand polish furniture, etc

Throw rugs cleaned

Empty waste baskets

Clean all mirrors

Dust window ledges

Dust Baseboards (within reach)

Light fixtures (in place)





Small appliances

Glass doors

Outside of all appliances

Interior of microwave

Empty trash



Counter tops




Mop all floors

Empty trash

Shower stall


Remove soap scum

Shower racks 

Glass Doors

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