Hoarder Property Clean-Up Service

Hoarders come from all ages, ethnicity, professional arenas, and socio-economic levels.  Just like mental illness, addition, or any disease the phenomenon of hoarding does not discriminate. 

Hoarding Types:  You name it and someone hoards it.  Some names and categories can overlap.  

Specialists and Generalists

Some save only specific items, like catalogs, newspapers, toys, etc.  And some save anything and everything.  There are many people who hoard feces or used feminine hygiene products. 


A projects hoarder hoards supplies and materials to work ion projects.  Be it quilting, home repairs, model building, etc.  The hoarder never actual completes any of these projects


Animal hoarders generally come from a place of good intentions, and almost always a feeling of profound loneliness.  They feel that they are “saving” animals from euthanasia, and tent to neglect their ow n health and needs for the animals.  If you are dealing with an animal hoarder contact your local animal shelter or SPCA.  


People like the endorphin rush that happens when they purchase something.  They shop because it makes them feel extremely good for a short time.  They may say that they are buying for their children, grandchildren or other relatives; the problem is that most of the time, these “presents”  never actually go to the intended recipient and so you have many years’ worth of gifts in the hoard.  

Many depressed individuals find temporary relief in feel-good shopping.  Unfortunately for them the high doesn’t last very long and they have to make another purchase to get another does of endorphins.  

There are several other types of hoarders

When Does Hoarding Become a Problem?

This is the question you or family members should pay attention to.  People can hoard all they want, there is nothing stating that they cannot live the way they want.  It’s only when you identify that one or more of the following are prevalent. 

  • When it endangers their health and safety
  • When it endangers their family’s health and safety
  • When it endangers their pet’s health and safety
  • When it endangers their neighbors’ health and safety
  • When it is damaging or destroying relationships
  • When it negatively affects property values
  • When the situation is putting public servants (Firefighters, police, Emergency Medical personnel, etc.) at risk

If you find any of the above are taking place, it’s time to take action.  Contact Maid 4 Time Hoarder Property Cleanup Services to help.

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