Senior Move Management Services

What is Senior Move Management and What do we do? 

Senior move managers are precisely that: managers of the move. We help you plan, organize and execute your move from one home to the next.

According to the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), the number of senior move companies went from 48 in to 2003, to currently more than 800 in the US, Canada and abroad.

Though each client has their own unique situation, most of our work encompasses the following: 


  • In-home consultation where wants and needs are discussed and assessed
  • Develop a moving plan based on those wants and needs
  • Provide a move timeline and checklist of tasks to be completed
  • Measure furniture and develop a floor plan for the new residence that will show where the furniture will go


  • Determining what items to take, sell or donate
  • Assistance deciding what and what not to take
  • Work with moving companies to arrange move time and meet with movers to coordinate the move at both the old and new residence
  • Pack items to be moved using either the customer’s packing materials or the senior move manager’s
  • Labeling boxes for easy unpacking and keeping an inventory of all items
  • Coordinate stopping and starting utilities, cable, etc. at old and new home

Moving Day

  • Coordinate with the moving company so that all items are correctly moved or left for the sale or donation
  • Some senior move managers are also elderly moving companies who will load and transport your belongings
  • Unpacking of essential items
  • Setting up the furniture according to the floor plan
  • Connecting electronics such as TV, phone, and computer

Other Services

  • Prepare and conduct sale of items in home not taken to new residence
  • Arranging for items not sold/moved to be donated or disposed
  • Coordinate professional cleaning of home
  • Realtor referrals for selling of old home
  • Home repairs and contractor referrals for preparing old home for sale


If you find that you or your loved one needs help with selecting their next home and touring the facilities, give us a call, we can help.



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Moving is no easy task and can be very taxing.   Moving a parent or another family member can be a lot worse.  With the pressures and demands of life today, taking time to move a family member can be extremely challenging.  

When you engage an electrician to fix a wiring problem or a tax accountant to resolve a tax issue, you pay them for their expertise and experience because it would be so much more difficult to figure it our yourself or entirely not possible. 

We welcome clients of any age who want to have that “extra” help to insure a smooth and orderly transition.  If we can help seniors sort through a lifetime of possessions from a home they have lived in for 40 or 50 years and set them up wonderfully in a new place.

No matter the age…35…55…85, moving is one of life’s most difficult experiences.

It typically ranks along with divorce, job change, and loss of a spouse as one of the most difficult things we face during our lives.