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Attention Real Estate Investors

At first glance this may seem weird.  Why would a maid service company be reaching out to Real Estate Investors?  Well, here’s why, as a house cleaning business, we see first hand clients homes and we are one of the first people notified when one of our clients wants to sell their homes.  Typically home owners have learned to trust us and they reach out to us when they are looking to sell.  They ask us questions like, who should I contact, do you know a handyman, what has been your experience in selling a home.  

I’ve taken what I learned in the cleaning industry and married it with what I’ve learned in the flipping/rehab business and together I have created a power business.  One that has first hand knowledge of homes that are selling before they hit the market.

Not only do I service the Rochester, NY area, but I also work in Chambers and Lee County Alabama.  

If you have been thinking about using your 401k money, a self directed IRA ,a whole life insurance policy or even your savings account to make double digit returns on your money, then I encourage you to take a look at my private money lending website. 

When your ready to make double digit returns in 6 months or less, reach out to me and we can start the conversation.


Here’s the link to my private money investor website