Green Carpet Cleaning

Eco-Friendly Dry Carpet Cleaning

The HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning System uses environmentally preferred, Green Seal Certified cleaning products that deep cleans your carpets and textured hard floors quickly and easily.  HOST is a safer and effective green floor cleaning system made from 100% plant-based resources and a little bit of green cleaning chemistry.

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The HOST® Dry Extraction Cleaning System is a proven method for achieving clean and dry flooring that looks its best every day. But did you know that using HOST can contribute to a cleaner environment both inside and outside your facility? In fact, no other cleaning system has the variety of independent certification and research that HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner has. This summary of independent research and certifications shows that HOST is environmentally preferred and the best choice for green, clean and dry flooring that looks its best every day


Avoids Mold & Mildew Growth

The HOST System uses less than one teaspoon of liquid per square foot
cleaned. Unlike wet cleaning methods, HOST does not leave carpets wet or
moist with wastewater that can lead to mold growth if it isn’t dried quickly

In fact, HOST helps remove mold and mildew from carpets.

Reduces Indoor Allergens

Research studies by Judith Bates, Ph.D. Biochemistry*, have shown that one
cleaning with the HOST System using HOST Machines reduces:

  • Dust mites by 78% • Cat allergen by 85%
  •  Dust mite allergen by 75% • Mold spores by 85%
  • Additional tests with the HOST Liberator® & Freestyle® machines show even
    greater allergen extraction:
  • Dust mite allergen by 89% • Mold spores by 97%
    *Research results available on request and at
  • Water useage drives the amount of energy used in carpet cleaning.
    Using HOST, there is:
  • No water to heat
  • No need to run dehumidifiers and air conditioners
  • No need to use blowers to dry carpet to remove moisture from the carpet and air
    Use of in-house or municipal water is zero with the HOST System. You save 100% of what water a wet cleaning system
    requires. The water necessary for carpet cleaning, already in HOST, amounts to less than one teaspoon per square foot

The HOST System deep cleans carpet with 97% less water than high-flow wet extractors.


HOST dry extraction cleaners are United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) certified biobased products that contain 100% USDA certified biobased content by weight, and are the only dry carpet cleaners that have earned USDA BioPreferred® designation for Federal preferred purchasing (ASTM test method D6866).  USDA BioPreferred products are composed in whole or in part of biological products or renewable agricultural materials, including plant, animal or marine materials. Products made from renewable resources reduce the demand for finite resources and are usually biodegradable or recyclable. HOST dry extraction cleaners require no special disposal.


No other cleaning method can compare.


According to industry estimates there are about 200 billion square feet of carpet in the United States.

Cleaning all of this carpet just once with HOST would save 9,770,000,000 gallons of water!

That’s enough water to:

  • Fill 195 million standard bathtubs
  • Flush a 1.6 gallon toilet more than 6 billion times
  • Sustain over 53 million people for one year
    or over 670 thousand for their lifetimes

It is unlawful for a manufacturer to claim that its products or equipment  remove dust mites or mold from the environment unless the EPA has registered its facility.  

HOST products are manufactured in an
EPA registered facility, EPA Establishment
Number 074202-WI-001.


The Green Seal ® is awarded to products that meet the standards of  performance, safety and reliability. Because all three HOST dry extraction cleaners achieved the Green Seal Certification, you can be sure that they will promote a cleaner, healthier environment, cause less toxic pollution, reduce waste and conserve resources and habitats.  What does Green Seal Certified mean?  

Green Seal Certification means that a product or service has been tested
according to science-based environmental leadership standards, that it
works as well or better than others in its class, and that it has been
evaluated without bias or conflict of interest. This gives manufacturers the
assurance to back up their claims, and purchasers confidence that certified
products are better for human health and the environment.

To earn the Green Seal, a product must meet the Green Seal environmental
standard for the category as demonstrated by rigorous evaluation, testing
and a plant visit.

By identifying, certifying, and promoting environmentally responsible
products and services, 

  • Green Seal:
    Improves the environment by reducing toxic pollution and waste, conserving resources and habitats and minimizing global warming and ozone depletion
  • Increases health and well-being, particularly in populations most
    affected by product choice such as schoolchildren, service staff and the elderly  
  • Demonstrates to various business segments that environmentally
    responsible products can improve quality and boost profitability

More specifically, HOST dry extraction cleaners have been
shown by Green Seal to:

  • Have NO VOCs
  • Be nontoxic
  • Contain readily biodegradable ingredients
  • Pass performance testing
  • Be noncorrosive to skin or eyes
  • Be nonsensitizing to skin
  • Have responsible packaging
  • Contain no optical brighteners
  • Contain no ozone-depleting compounds
  • Contain no intentionally added carcinogens, reproductive toxins
    or heavy metals
  • Not be combustible
  • Not cause eutrophication (eradication of water-based organisms due to
    the oxygen depletion caused by the decay of over-fertilized plant life
    such as algae)
  • Provide excellent training
  • *This product meets the Green Seal™ Standard for Cleaning Products for Industrial and Institutional Use, GS-37,
    based on its reduced human and environmental toxicity and reduced volatile organic compound content.