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How to Treat Bedbugs

Treating bed bugs is complex and clean up should be left to the professionals.  However, if you are faced with an infestation of bedbugs there are some things you can do on your own.  The EPA provides the following recommendations on how to clean up and treat bedbugs. 

Clean up success depends on many factors, including: 

  • How many bed bugs you have;
  • How much clutter is available for hiding places;
  • Whether your neighbors have bedbugs; and
  • Whether all residents of a house or building will participate.

Eliminating bed bugs can take can take weeks to months, and some times it can be almost impossible.  To be successful, everyone will need to cooperate and do their part.

First you need to identify the problem.

If you can take a picture of the bed bug, show it to an exterminator.  If you live in an apartment complex, notify your landlord as soon as possible, they will be able to put the other tenants on notification to look for the bed bugs as well.  

Once you have confirmed that there is a bed bug issue, the next step is to

Develop a plan

  • Determine and make note of where the bugs are coming from.  Keep track by listing the date.
  • Schedule a time for the exterminator to come
  • Collect clothing and put in a large black contractor bag, seal the bag.  Take the bag to be laundered making sure that everything is washed and dried in high heat temperatures
  • Identify and discard of items that show signs of bedbugs.  This includes folders, books, drawers, vacuum cleaner, storage bins, etc. 
  • All items to be discarded should be placed and sealed in a black plastic bag and marked with a big red X.  This X tells the disposal company that is it bed bugs.  

Hire Professionals

Once you have the above items taken care of, you should reach out to professionals to treat the areas.  Working with a cleaning company and an exterminator is extremely beneficial.  Cleaning companies can help with identifying areas the bugs can be hiding, they can also use heat equipment and air scrubbers to help eliminate the bugs. 


The removal cost for bed bugs is not cheap, is time consuming and most companies cannot guarantee the complete removal.  Cost for extermination can be anywhere from $300 to $1500 and up.  The cost for clean up with a cleaning company can range from $300 to $10k.