Coloring Contest

Coloring Contest

Maid 4 Time Youth Coloring Contest!

Why would a Cleaning Company/ Maid Service host a youth coloring contest?! 

Well we are here to tell you why. 

March is a month full of  themes  such as St Patrick’s Day, the color green, Women’s History, and March Madness just to name a few. What most people do not know is that March is also a month that recognizes Youth Art! Also, March 2nd is Dr. Seuss Day! 

What would be a more fun way to help recognize our young artists and Dr. Seuss than you have a Coloring Contest?!

To compete you must be 10 years old or younger and email us a picture of the printed out coloring, along with the child’s first name. The WINNER, will be announced on March 29th and  will win a $10.00 Amazon gift card. 

Many schools across America participate in Youth Art Month by hosting art shows/galleries for the community to come and see all of the wonderful artwork their students made. Whether its a painting, sculpture, mosaic or a simple coloring book page, all art should be appreciated. 

While I am sure, there is more to Youth Art than just whats on paper (such as music, photography, makeup and more), kids these days need to know its okay to be creative and not feel the need to follow social “standards”. Creativity is such a wonderful trait for everyone, especially children, to have. Without creativity we would have no new inventions, no new clothing designs, no new music to jam to. There is so much that creativity can lead to so why not start it while a child. 

With Rochester being a home of famous artists of all kinds, why not hold a contest to show off some talent! Here at Maid 4 Time we are hoping to get our community involved with so much more than just calling us for house cleaning. We want to build a relationship with our community. So even though you must be under the age of 10 to compete in our contest, we would still love to see ANY FORM OF ART  Rochester would like to share with us! 

We cant wait to see!

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