Organizational Tips for your Home

I find the winter months are a perfect time to get some organization done in your home.  On those extremely cold days, why not take some time out of your day and get rid of things that your not using anymore and utilize some organization tools to make your house a bit more organized.  

Here is a video on some of my favorite organizational items that I use to keep my house clean and organized.  For most of the items, I put a link to the item on Amazon, which is where I purchased them. 




The silverware organizer that I use is made by a company called Joseph Joseph, they have a lot of cool gadgets to help with organization, here is a link to the one I show in the video  


I think these hat organizer tools are so cool.  Think about how much dust can collect on the hats if they are just sitting on the shelve, or how many times do the hats get smashed down.  These gadgets make everything look nice and organized.  



What I really like about these cutting boards is that they are small enough that I can hide them in the same cabinet that I use for my pots and pans. I have a small kitchen, so being able to have an organized place and holder to put these is great.  The other thing I like is that they are all stowed away in it’s own holder, so there is a place for each cutting board.